Our process starts with reviewing and understanding your needs, visual preferences, budget and timelines. Our team delivers the security and image you are looking for and take pride in quality installations and clean-up backed by one year installation warranty. M-W Fence offers various types of fencing, including:
Whether your residential fence needs extend to security for the outside of your home – or you need pet fencing to keeping your squirrel chaser in – there are many chain link fence options available to you, and your furry friends.

Chain link fencing offer you low maintenance value and practicality, and you can find vinyl coated chain link fence in a variety of colours, with black as the most popular. It’s perfect for adding that necessary fence while offering a camouflaged effect. You’ll love the look of modern chain link fencing at a price that works.

Worried about keeping others out of your yard? Chain link fencing is an affordable and attractive way to protect your valuable toys and spaces, with the option to add fencing gates – either single fence gates, double fence gates, or even self-closing fence gates – you can find the perfect vinyl chain link fence for your property, and lifestyle.

Our team at M-W Fence knows the longevity and cost-effectiveness of a chain link fence comes down to fence installation as much as it does to material choice. We’ve been a part of the North Bay community since 1978 – and also know that every project is important, no matter the budget or requirements.

Is there anything more beautiful than perfectly straight wood fence panels, skirting the lines of your beautiful backyard or hidden oasis – with the natural tones and elegance that only wood fences can offer? We, at M-W Fence think inside the box − literally – and we can design the perfect privacy fence, a gorgeous backdrop to your garden, or even the solution to a challenging corner; and with a wood fence, you have the flexibility to customize the look to your style, your home’s style, and your family’s needs.

Whether you are looking for the timeless elegance and long-lasting allure of cedar, or the cost-effective longevity of pressure treated; if you want 4×4 posts for an economic way to hold the wood fence panels straight, or 6×6 posts to add integrity, stability and visible weight – whatever you have in mind for your wood fencing, contact M-W Fence Contractors to speak with your wood fence contractor specialists. We’d love to discuss your project and offer you the advice of fifty years’ experience in fence repair and installation.

Homes come with projects. Whether they are by choice or by requirement, it’s never a joy to give up precious free time to chores around the house or yard. But what if you could remove an enormous job from your list? PVC fencing, also known as vinyl fencing, or plastic fencing, is your ticket to lazy summer afternoons enclosed in a private and secure fence that never fades. Vinyl fencing doesn’t need to be pained or stained, never warps or twists – they are maintenance free, and with specialised vinyl fence installation skills, our team at M-W Fence can offer you a PVC fence installation competitively priced, beautiful, and perfect for your needs.

With various styles and colours of vinyl fencing, you’ll love the ability to express your personal style – or one in keeping with your home’s aesthetic with the benefits of a long lasting look. Why spend your precious free time painting, enduring a fence repair, or living without the privacy and security a fence can offer? Installed on the ground, or on a retailing wall, with attractive fencing gate options designed to suit your lifestyle, call us at M-W Fence today for advice, a free quote, or to get started on your vinyl fence installation.

The undying appeal of ornamental iron fencing can be summed up in one word: timeless. Both for the way it looks, the way an ornamental fence adds charm and sophistication, or even a decidedly modern interpretation, and for the way it lasts. An iron fence will stand with the house for years to come, adding that timeless appeal both in its appearance, and its longevity. It is, after all, a metal fence.

And it is also for this timeless reason that you want to make sure your ornamental fencing is installed perfectly – it will hold its line as long as it holds its place with your home. You want to make sure that the investment is honoured – that the fence contractor you hire to install your fence do so with care: the straight lines and straight talk that have made M-W Fence Contractors successful for so long. Whether you’re looking to add safety without losing your view, or air flow, or you want to add to the character of your home – even if you’re looking to gate off your driveway, a beautiful ornamental wrought iron powered gate will complete that estate look you desire. For timeless elegance, timeless appeal – and wrought iron fencing that stands the test of time, call us at M-W Fence for your ornamental iron fence.

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